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    I don't have a boost leak?

    If you got the factory BOV you do

    here's a guide to get rid of it.
    Nissan GTR -09 Now with Cobb accessport stage 2

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    Ginuwine-S15 Guest
    pod filter, boost gauge or good weekend jobs and are cheap to buy as well! lol!

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    s15_is_sx Guest
    Apexi power intake $100AUD (new)
    Cusco catch can cost me $160 AUD (not installed yet)
    BOV mod (free)

    All other mods over $200AUD but did a whole lot of suspension stuff jointly so individually some of that stuff is probably under $200

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    S15R Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Yakozan
    I don't have a boost leak?

    If you got the factory BOV you do

    here's a guide to get rid of it.
    tried that, it really works!

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    FLY 200 Guest


    Good job folks, some great cheap mods at this speed we can all have a go at gettin our hands dirty and simply have a go at most of these ourselves keep em commin though. I think this will be a great thread for people without heaps of cash or even those after somethin to tinker with durin winter........................for all those in places with snow and no sunshine he he....

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    Ginuwine-S15 Guest
    with what did u weld up the hole in the stock S15 BOV?!?

    Does it sound any different?! And why didnt Nissan make like that in the first place? lol

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    s15_is_sx Guest
    A screw can block the hole. Soundwise it will produce flutter if the level of boost isn't high enough to recirculate. I think I read (not 100% sure) nissan made it like that so it would be smoother or something.

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