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    My front plate is 305mm by 76mm. Been stopped twice now and fined once, as a result of this my big gay normal plate has had to go back on for a while. Think its because the lettering is pretty small, it passed MOT but then again all my previous cars have because i've known the garage owner for a while haha. Think it just depends on what copper pulls you over, the one who gave me the fine was on a bike so turned round pretty quickly and then decided to inspect everything on my car like tread depth etc, whereas the second time i got pulled they just asked me to put the legal one back on (which i had i the car ready to stick on quickly!) and then had a chat to me for ten minutes about s15s!

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    Pulled for the first time in the S15

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    Thanks for the link to this site very much appreciated .
    My plate is around 15mm to small from what I've read on this site :-\, which is a pain
    So I will order a new plate on Monday as I don't want the hassle of being pulled over .
    I forgot to mention that the speed cops overtook 3 cars in rush hour traffic just to have a friendly chat
    With my partner at 8 in the morning :-[ .
    Now I'm not being paranoid but if my partner was a ford focus (shopping trolley) I really don't think they would have even looked twice

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