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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    No. You'd just get less face level fresh air. You'd also have to make sure there's an air-tight seal behind the gauge(s). The cold/heat/moisture can wreck them.

    Never been a keen on loads of gauges. If I ever want that much info, I'll probably get something electronic and incorporate everything.

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    S15R Guest
    yes, gauges are useless
    i had to get one because the factory boost gauge only 1 bar

    loads of gauges = rice

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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    I'd like to replace the A-pillar with a 2 bar. I originally got an A pillar boost gauge in the S14 cos I needed it for the mechanical boost valve I had. Then I got an AVC-R...then a Blitz TT. Never looked at it again. Thinking about it, maybe I should get something more useful for the A Pillar...

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    paulphot Guest
    I only have a boost gauge at the moment, (only mod is manual boost controller). It sits under the dash near my left knee. I can only really see it if the wheel is straight which suits me, I like to watch the road when I'm turning. I guess if you get an aftermarket ECU and then a proper dyno tune you shouldn't need too many gauges. It's not like the A/F ratios are suddenly going to go all over the place and if you run an EBC your boost should be okay. Maybe a small panel with some sort of LED system to warn you of problems such as overboost or leaning out would be handy. You could make it fit in a single DIN unit and if you get a warning you refer to your ECU codes. I don't know, just an idea.

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    Chris S15 Guest
    i've got mine in the DIN.

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    S15R Guest
    hey chirs is that a thermometer?

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    Chris S15 Guest
    Yep. Jaycar internal/external temp gauge with battery voltage too. I like to know what's going on.

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    S15R Guest
    is it hard to install? i want to see my intake temp

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    Nov 2005
    Moscow, Russian Federation
    I'd say DIN too... will hopefully install these in the next 2 weeks.. just wish it would stop bloody snowing

    1999 S15 Spec S Auto (ever so slightly modified)
    1996 Skyline GTR (UK Holiday car); 2001 Lotus Esprit V8GT (moderate tuning); 2008 BMW 135i (looking for more power)

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    Chris S15 Guest
    installing them into the DIN isn't hard at all, if you know electrics. But installing the senders may be a little difficult if you're not mechanically capable.

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