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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicely
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris S15
    rear right: found it. Interesting. I don't think it's for venting the cabin (could be wrong) because when i was look at the back of my car someone was opening and closing my drivers door. Everytime they closed it, i could hear a "flap". Sounded like a one way rubber seal. try it out and tell me if you guys hear it too. But, mind you, i didn't know about that rear right thing, might be it.
    Was checking this out with Blinx and Kango on Saturday. Its a one way flap to release cabin pressure when shutting doors.
    Thats right. It Seals the door i'd say to stop one water getting in and two to seal for air con. Its the little black box at back right..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topper
    The plastic cover under the car houses an air vent from the inside, so when you close your door your windows dont smash with the preasure, its got a rubber flap over the vent on the inside of the white box, which flaps when you close the door
    Where have you guys been i told you that in July...

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    My dads PATROL have that box just in the same place........

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    just confirmed that the no off button on mine on the right hand side of the steering wheel is the button to turn on and off my option lights i have under the seats i have as i just tried it tonite saw a blue light didnt know what it was so tried the on off button and it turn them off

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