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    Snoozr Guest
    70% drivetrain loss is 102kw, so 110 is quite healthy..
    im talking about australian cars here

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    S15R Guest
    a s15 with full exhaust is about 150kwish so 40kwrw difference just an exhaust system?

    so overall an exhaust system gives you 60kw at flywheel

    this is using your 110kw figure, 102kw thats almost 70kw gain just an exhaust system

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    that seems very low for a S15 but iam dont knwo too much about the ADM spec

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    S15R Guest
    adm s15 is not as detuned , as i had jdm and adm before the jdm manual exhaust pipe is much bigger than the adm exhaust system

    btw a friend of mine dynoed his yellow s15(nzdm = jdm) in nz which had 126kwrw and i was suprised

    S14 and S15 are born to be modified

    Ben, sorry i shouldnt use the word "much" maybe not on drag but on track i bet s15 is faster

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    ADM S15 spec is vitually the same as the Euro S14. The exhaust is the biggest restriction. That's why power gains are so dramatic on the S14 compared to the S15 when changing to a free flowing item.

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    aklbob Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nicely View Post
    Depends which market you're talking about.

    Euro S14
    0-60: 7.3 seconds (Nissan brochure listing). Magazine tested at 6.8.
    Top speed: 146mph

    JDM S15
    0-60: 5.6 seconds
    Top Speed: limited in Japan to 112mph. Unrestricted, capable of at least 155mph.

    ADM S15
    0-60: 6.9 seconds
    Top Speed: 149mph

    I found my NZ spec R in standard form with 180km/h speedo can go right off the clock, over 200km/h down the Pukekohe back straight!.. so the NZ ones aren't limited!

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    Out of the brochure the S15 (New Zealand):

    Power in kW : 184@6400 rpm
    Torque in Nm : 275@4800 rpm
    Kerb weight : 1240 kg (unladen with all fluids, tools, spare etc)

    Anyone else got any other brochures?
    The Original Jackhammer -- She's on the road . Oops, off again

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