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    afew questions :S

    ok guys the 1st question i have is:

    i just did my 1st service and i found the recomended oil filter far to small. My mate has a CA18DET s13 and a skyline oil filter fits, and it is much bigger. What bigger filters will fit?


    what the hell are those storage spaces in the back for, wine bottles??? small children. im lost???

    what is a safe amount of boost to run on a aussie spec s15 without fmic

    thanks heaps guys

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    Although the filter looks small, its up to the job. Its the same as the S14. SXOC have been carrying out extensive oil testing over the past year (the oil analysis lab which Ford uses has been involved). The tests have shown that in all cases, the four main oils tested have been relatively clean at the recommended 6k mile change and would, in all likelihood, have been OK come 10k miles. That's using the standard filter.

    Have you seen the the storage space in the back of an S14? No? That's cos there isn't any. Those huge pockets in the back of the S15 are unused, resonating empty voids between the outer skin and the trim panel in the S14... I find them a lots more useful in the S15.

    Filling the the space on the S14 with soundproofing reduces the road noise considerably. People have also been known to bung subs in the space.

    Can't help you with the last one.

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    I use the storage spaces for a rolled up picnic rug (perfect incase of sudden hail storms) and in the other I keep my Macguires cleaning kit with quick detailer, tyre shine, a few cloths and my service book, all in a nice leather case. My little girl uses it to keep her biscuits and dolls and what ever other crap she likes to stuff in there.

    As for the safe boost level I wouldn't run more than 11psi and on hot days keep your foot light, don't run full boost or you might get the pings (detonation)

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