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    Meddy Guest
    Black, but get the polished lip gloss blacked as well.

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    Nov 2005
    The white looks good but the black is the dogs , oh and it does need lowered

    You mentioned the size of the wheels, what offset are they??

    The more i look at this the more i love it

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    Derek Guest
    Lads i think i'll have to disagree i prefer the white and i normally like black wheels. The wheels are mint and when slammed onto them She'll look the job..

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    paulphot Guest
    Yeah, I think I like the white better but maybe you could try a gunmetal or something. I just think the black is

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    Twincam16 Guest
    I love them on it....look really really nice
    How much are they over there to buy ???

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    Nov 2005
    Hong Kong
    the ppl over there got sh!t loads of money ahahha...

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