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    Quote Originally Posted by Barky

    Need any more stickers let me know, I got you them for a good price man!
    Youre being a slacker this week man. Get some work done.

    You did do a good price thanks.

    Oh and while Im here folks I still have 6 rear stickers to shift. So come on you know you want them.

    Topper an Yakozan its about time you got some to spread the word in foreign climes.

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    Helsinki, Finland
    Their cars never leave their garages, do they?

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    Barky Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nicely

    As for the vids. Odd. Worked straight off for me. Does your played download codecs automatically?
    I'll be floating around on here!
    I'll have to try them at home, at work it doesn't allow codecs to be downloaded

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