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    What do you have in your centre console?

    I'm wondering what we can fit in the centre console (specifically, after a head deck installation), anyone care to post pics of S15 centre consoles?

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    No pics, but I installed 2 of my Defi gauges above the headunit in a custom face plate. I hear the air con vent installs can lead to gauge failure after a while. Besides, you need air con in summer eh!
    What do you call a Rx7 with reliability, decent build quality and a better exhaust note? - a specR S15!

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    what do you want installed ben? ill send u a pic of mine haha

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    I've not quite installed it, but above my new DVD/MP3/etc.. deck (will use the current flip up screen on the dash for video output) I have installed 3 guages. I chose the phantom series from autometer as 1. I like them, 2. they go quite well with the car - white faced guages and I changed the bulbs to amber LEDs so the colour will match. I have oil temp, oil pressure and boost...

    Just wish winter would end so I can get to the car and start the projects
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