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    s15luke Guest

    How 2 get 200RWKW

    hey, with a stock s15 what mods will you need to get it 2 200kw @ the wheels?

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    S15R Guest
    full exhaust
    fuel pump
    power fc
    boost controller
    front mount intercooler
    hks sticker that will bring you up 20kw more

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    s15luke Guest
    5 x HKS stickers = 100kw
    What about a couple GTR badges? Should take me 2 1000HP

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    RyanNK Guest
    I thought you didnt require an EBC if you get a PowerFC as it controls the boost also?

    Add a new AFM to the list as well Z32

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    S15R Guest
    power fc is the ecu
    controller and ebc is optional

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    s15luke Guest
    i just sold my skyline & havnt got a s15 yet as i want a stocker that hasnt been through what im goin to put it through.

    i was thinking:
    full turbo back zorst
    hks actuators @ .8bar + FBU
    apexi power intake panel filter
    power FC
    Bosch 040 pump
    550cc injectors

    should get me up there.

    How will brakes @ suspenction go with that power

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    S15R Guest
    stock suspension and brake will be ok

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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    Copy my spec. I'm running 207... 740 injectors will be going in very soon. Please don't buy 550s. Its only an increase of 70cc over standard. 740s cost exactly the same.

    You would want a decent set of pads at least. Stock suspension fine, but consider some anti-sway bars as they will reduce roll considerably. The more expensive option are coilovers, but then you need to sort rear camber as well.

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    Some good advise there

    If you can do a brake upgrade aswell

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    s15_is_sx Guest
    The injectors and the z32 are technically optional as you can make the power without them, but to be wise you should get them as well as they max out at about 200rwkw. I agree with nicely too go the 740cc I have them in mine. A friend of mine is making 200rwkw without injectors and everynow and then they max out. And they are often running at around 97-98%.

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