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    Help needed please

    Hi guys

    I've got a couple of little dents on my drivers door around the handle,
    i have seen my local dent removal guy,who said he could do them but
    he needs the door handle taking apart to get to them.

    i have taken the door card off but got really scared by the lock / handle

    Do any of you guys know how to take the door handle out ?
    or know of anybody who could do it for me ? a bodyshop in the west midlands area hopefully.

    please help a girly in need

    kim x

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    Download the Service Manual using the link in Useful Threads.

    The page you want is BT-21. You may also find more useful trim stuff in the same section.

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    Thanks mate

    very usefull

    i'm hoping that the dent guy will get to it now....
    esp after my other half cutting his hands to bits inside the door

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