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    Can't make up my mind dammit

    Hey peeps,

    so currently I am deciding whether I want to keep my 15 or switch to an PS13. I know I know... this is an S15 owners' club but surely some of you have owned an S13 in the past, and where I am from (Australia), to come across an S13 is much rarer than an S15 which is your usual jap car here, even tho they are becoming rarer by every rainfall from people crashing them.

    ANYWAYS, would you look at it as an upgrade OR an upgrade to go to an S13? I am looking for anything helpful in terms of feedback: handling, simplicity, maintenance, modifying, aftermarket support, prices, personal opinions without calling me out for being an idiot please

    Cheers legends!

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    An S15 has a more modern dash layout and interior. That's the significant difference. All the oily bits are interchangeable as you know yourself. This is going to come down to what you want to do. I'd love a PS13 or a Type X, but I'd want an S15 dash conversion as I just prefer it.

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