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    some Noob Questions

    if in wrong section please move and PM me where thanks

    so i made a pay on for my new dumb decision
    that means i am terrible in translating my german thoughts to english text and also that i paid a part of the price to the previous owner in order to save my new smokesomewheels for me^^

    i already know the S-Chassis in general since i owned an S13 for almost 10 years. Nevertheless an imported right hand driven rearendswinger is something new to me.

    so i come up with a bunch of Noobthings to ask.

    first i wondered over the short chassisnumber.
    i know them with 17 (doesn't know the correct word) signs?
    so i tried to type it into a site where you can see carhistory based on that numbers and instantly got mocked on because of my to short number.
    so if anybody can help me here it would be supernice^^

    second thing is possibly much more important
    the previous owner bought himself a chargespeedbodykit and unfortunately glued the sideskirts on.
    i absolutely plan to cut them off but since they look asskicking nice i'd like to mount them back with hopefully existant factorymounts.
    is there something like that?
    the factory aerokit has to be mounted somehow i think.

    i do not have the car here because i need to make a space to park it and get a trailer to catch it and so on but i wanted to get as much info as possible on that.

    third thing is if anyone can tell me, how much the difference is in the length of the rear dampers from S14 to S15.
    the car has a KW Variante 3 from the S14 that has no TÜV yet.

    thank you guys

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    Is the car from UK? Do you have the original Number Plate (VRM) from the car?

    Side skirts are all secured independently, usually people make new mounting points for different brands/styles, it us unlikely the kit uses the factory mounting area.

    I would suggest not to remove the side skirts if they have been glued on, when they are fitted by bolts they often vibrate if they are fibre glass, which is very annoying when driving. Gluing them often fixes this issue.

    I am not sure about the damper length, hopefully another member with more knowledge will be able to give you this info

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    no it came from japan to germany
    the numberstuff is managed to my pleasury if i can say so as a mate gave me this website - Nissan Silvia +200SX S15 VIN Table

    what i do with the skirts is not sure after what you said
    thanks for the tip so far

    with the dampers some say this some say this
    i will ask my TÜV guy

    thanks so far

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