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    Question S15 vs RX7 - NO HATE Please

    Hey guys,

    I haven’t properly introduced myself even though I’ve been part of this forum for a few months now. What I want to cover today may be a “stupid” topic. I have owned my S15 for nearly a year and a half now. It is a Spec R in a completely stock condition minus the stainless steel turbo back.

    I know this may have been covered but I request more detail.

    NOW, I have considered moving on and purchasing an RX7 sometime in the future. Those of you who own/had owned an RX7, how does it compare to the S15? I understand I’m comparing apples and bananas, however, how does the power deliver feel, considered both cars were both in the same HP category. Give as much difference as you’ve noticed.

    Thank you!✌��

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    Hi I'm a former rx7 specialist and now have a S15 and have also driven my cousins S15, so I can give 1st hand account of the differences between the two cars. Power delivery on a rx7 is notably smoother, and power band is wider. The s15 above 6000 rpm feels like its run out of puff, the rx7 will pull strong up to redline. The rx7 doesn't have much torque, but having a twin turbo setup, with the 1st turbo spooling almost immediately masks this somewhat. In stock form the rx7 is a little quicker than the S15. Both handle good but I think the s15 chassis is more predictable especially for the average driver. The rx7 is awful in the wet or damp conditions, especially where the 2nd turbo kicks in. Both cars weigh around the same and feel nimble, but the rx7 has more of a go kart feel in terms of suspension setup and driving position. The S15 will have much better mpg. Personally I'm an rx7 man through and through, so I would say of course of the two I prefer the rx7, but the S15 is a very enjoyable car too. However if you're looking at performance alone in stock form, the rx7 certainly has the advantage.Hope that helps. Regards Brian

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    I used to own rx7 for a few years. Now I own widebody s15.
    rx7 it's like never ending project, easy power and exhaust note is orgasmic. However engine is so temperamental, I was running single turbo with 450 Bhp.
    It's so thirsty and expensive to run.
    s15 is lot more friendly easy to drive, again 450 brake.
    i love my Silvia and wouldn't change for rx7, but it's a itch you want to sctrach go for it.

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