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    Insurance showing as Nissan Silvia ZX

    So I've just got the numberplate for my Silvia that I'm picking up next week so have started getting quotes. It seems on some sites the car is coming up as a Nissan Silvia ZX, even though all the DVLA stuff shows it as just a Nissan Silvia.

    Anyone got any experience with this? Is it just a case of ringing them up and saying that it's not that model? (seems it's going to the ZX as that's the only actual Silvia model released in the UK?)

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    I get stuff similar to this all the time, mine normally comes up as a spec S auto which it defo isn't as i had it imported from Japan. Normally have to phone them and tell them the exact spec and they search it by car. Obviously you can also do it online by saying reg unknown then going through all the drop down menus

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