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    chirubia Guest

    what do u guys think about wide body???

    I know that the front fenders are easy to change but the problem is the rear....(u hav to cut the old fender off),

    and then put this over...

    ,so just wanna know what are ur thoughts about this worth it? or just forget about it ??

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    Derek Guest
    I'd say forget it, What is the rest of your kit? What about the Small Arches rather than Fenders/wings?

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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    Not a clue. Wouldn't do it to mine...

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    S15R Guest
    if that is a vertex wide fender, youll need to cut it

    personally, i wont get a wide fender and CUT MY PANEL, that hurts

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    chirubia Guest
    thats was exactly like i thought it hurts....yet a full wide body kit look so damn nice
    (i think it makes the car more muscular...)

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    S15R Guest
    yes, but i've different view of looking at a widebodied car, its FRP and very messy done up inside(most of them).
    very good looking outside but very wtf inside, and its too much for everyday driven car

    thats what i think lol no offence to anyone

    if u do cut, this is a pic might give u some clue

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    chirubia Guest
    thats a very clear pic...and i do agree that its messy inside

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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    Although, this is a better job...

    Man, I still like those lights....

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    Nov 2005
    I was thinking of fitting wide rear arches at some stage too, think they look good

    Not to sure on the white one, bit to box'y looking :indiff:

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    just_laze Guest
    I am not a fan of the wide kit, i think it makes the car look boxy and dated.

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