There has been an amendment to the For Sale rules. Please read the rules (including the Forum rules) to make yourself familiar with the changes. If you have to ask what the change is, then you haven't read them before. You should at least have a fair idea of what is in the rules. It is pretty much common sense. If you are not sure, check them before posting.

Also note that the use of text speak has returned. If you don't know what text speak is, google it! From now on you will get one warning and then you will start receiving infractions. Anyone wishing to argue will get another infraction and be referred to this thread. I have asked politely in the past. If you can't be a$$ed to read the rules too bad. If you think I am a text speak nazi, well I am (it's in my title). I have explained the reasons for this previously.

If you think this is unfair and / or you wish to discuss any of the rules, please pm me.