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    RyanNK Guest

    Stereo thoughts...

    Hey guys, anyone know if the Stock stereo speakers are the same in all S15s? And if so when installing a stereo would you upgrade the standard speakers or would you just connect them to an amp?

    I currently have a 5 channel Alpine amp in my possesion which I took out of my old car before I sold it. I was thinking about buying some new components for the front, and one 10" or 12" sub.

    Obviously im not going for the worlds loudest stereo I just want a crisp clean note as I miss the duff duff from my old car which was running 2 x 12" subs and was quite loud....

    Here is a parts list I was thinking of

    - Pioneer DVD player with 6.5" LCD screen
    - Pioneer component speakers in the front (TSC160R - currently for sale on - Anyone know if they will fit in the S15? They are 16cm 2ways speakers!
    - Keep the standard rear speakers but amp them instead of running them of the head unit - Unless I should upgrade them
    - Rockford 12" 200watt RMS sub
    - Alpine 5 channel Amp

    What are your thoughts?

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    Ive just got standard speaks in mine they are panasonic and have just brought a mono amp to power my old sub as i sold my old 5channel amp with my car b4...
    and the sound seems fine to me iam very picky but its good enough for me....

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    Ansch Guest
    Not sure if they're all the same type of speakers but my ADM s15 has sanyo speakers on the front and the backs are clarions. It sounded pretty ordinary as it is but it actually sounded not too bad since I hooked up my old amp and 12" sub box from the rear speaker lines off the standard 6 stack unit. (using a hi-level to rca converter) The factory speakers are useless with bass but midrange is not to bad with the std head unit. Mind you if you're going to drive the speakers with an amp then may as well get some rear speakers as well. (or plug them in and see how much the stockies will take)

    How are you going to mount the tweeters? If you look behind the door trim near the plastic mould where the door lever is, there is a spot where you can flush mount the tweeters.


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    RyanNK Guest
    Yeah my rears are Clarions. Thats why I was thinking they could stay and just hook them up to the amp but if they cant handle it I would upgrade them also. Havent really thought about the installation yet. I wouldnt mind getting a custom install so that the amp and sub (and possibly a capacitor) are mounted so they look neat and tidy while also leaving the boot with some practicality.

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    They're not the same brand-wise, but they are probably pretty much of a muchness output-wise. Mine are Sanyo...

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    Duno what speaker i have in mine, but i would of thought you would be better amping the front speakers and leaving the rears

    I used to have a 12" in my old car, but i dont want all that weight in my S15 and to be honest with the exhaust and a 12 making noise i'll go def in no time!!

    The standard speakers in my car are poor, no low bass tones, i'm not looking for bone crushing bass but i do like it, so i was thinking of a 6" sub, and mounting it on the rear shelf and some components in the front (Ansch - good shout bout mounting spot) both amped and leave the rears as is.

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    Mr Smith Guest
    I have the Panasonic in mine and they are 150W I think. The S15 has the factory option of upgraded sound and the Panasonic was the upgrade.

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    kenji Guest
    I say leave the stock speakers and install tweeters, with the other stuff ur getting for the stereo system

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    Ansch Guest
    ^^^ I thought about that. But it seems that most "named" manufacturers don't seperate that woofer and tweeters anymore. (pioneer definitely doesn't)

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    FLY 200 Guest

    Power up

    If u are going to start putting any sort of real power through your standard speakers they probably wont last for too long, but as with anything if u dont thrash the hell out of them they are gonna last a bit longer. I would personally upgrade as much as you can afford to, if you are chasing good clarity then u must remember the standard gear is exactly that - standard and you will never get aftermarket clarity out of them. Having said that it really depends how fussy you are i run DLS front and rear and the difference over standard is like chalk and cheese. the old saying u gets what u pay for applies here good luck

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