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    Boost Gauge Wiring - PLEASE HELP!

    Right Ive been looking all over this forum so if this question has been answered before please point me to it.

    Trying to wire in a new boost gauge but having issues.

    Can anyone tell me what colour wires I need to tap my new gauge into?

    I need +ve, -ve, acc, and parking lamp connections.

    The loom on the A pilar gives these options:

    solid black x 2

    Tried looking at the electrical manual but cant find anything.

    Please help as my car is currently in bits

    Many thanks,


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    OK I can now answer this after not giving up and having to get the multi-meter out and trying to learn to use it

    For anyone else looking to install an electronic boost gauge this might be useful to you.

    So from the car side of the loom that sits next to the standard boost gauge in the A-pilar we have:

    Black - negative
    Red/Black - positive
    Green/Yellow - acc (ignition on)
    Red/Blue - parking lamp (lights on)

    The second black and green/white wire can be taped up and left connected to nothing as far as I can tell.

    Just dont do what I did and blow a fuse, but if you do itll be the room lamp fuse in the cabin fuse box.

    Hope this info will help someone else out sometime, but dont blame me if something blows up
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    tmus Guest
    great info, will be using these for my Tacho

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    Added this to the useful threads incase anyone else wants to do this.
    God job
    Nissan GTR -09 Now with Cobb accessport stage 2

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