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    KSW Guest
    i put a c's shortshift in my s15 and i know what you mean about the extra noise!! but i did fix it...
    i stretched the lower (larger) factory boot up to the top of the square part of the c's assembly and cable tied it around the top (tightly). I left the small boot that comes with the c's shifter on it (make sure the cable tie around the base of that is tight too) then i stretched the smaller(upper) factory boot over the entire c's assembly and cable tied it at the base below the square part. This isnt easy to do and you get sore hands stretching it but it can be done. make sure you use a number of cable ties on this because it wants to pop off.
    Now its back to as quiet as the factory stick and the c's is so much better to shift with.
    Ive had it like this for over a year and its still working fine.

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    S15R Guest
    hmmm got any pictures, i dont really get what u said

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    KSW Guest
    no got no pics sorry. in a stock s15 there are two rubber boots over the gearstick assembly. the larger one is on the bottom. it has a silver ring around its base that has a few screws in it holding it down. the smaller upper one goes over the gearstick and connects to the top of the lower one.

    what im sayiing is the c's shifter has a tiny little rubber boot over it which is meant to replace the top factory one but its way too thin and lets heaps of noise thru. If you stretch the factory top one (which you should have spare) over the entire c's assembly and attatch it to the bottom factory one the noise is instantly gone.

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    S15R Guest
    thats what i did, the noise is still there, and i found the factory boot is touching the left hand side of the gear surround. after i took it off i found it easier to shift.
    the noise level is much the same with and without it

    so i went to JayCar to get some noise barrier stuff, but not really helping...

    i found that the C's shortshifter plate is the blame

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    S15R Guest

    u mean the big boot under the plate? so you pull the big boot up and cover the plate then put the top boot over the C's small boot right?

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    KSW Guest
    exactly. you have a square metal plate with fins there. pull (stretch) the big boot over the fins and cable tie it around the square part so that the top of the big boot is the same height as the top of the square part.
    cable tie the little c.s boot securely around its base (i think if that comes off you get oil splashing up)
    then stretch the old factory top boot over the c/s boot and square part and cable tie it below the metal fins (securely - i used a number of ties).
    the top one is not easy to stretch it but i got it eventually. heating the rubber helps too.
    once the top boot is on it will be as quiet as factory and it wont inhibit shifting at all.

    ps the factory rubber boots are very strong but take it slow and be careful not to punch a hole in them or anything.

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    S15R Guest
    I'll try that, thanks mate

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    KSW Guest
    no worries. youll be much happier once you kill the sound. i love my c's shifter but was going to take it off untill i figured out how to stop the noise.
    ive told this to another s15 owner and it worked for him too.

    another thing i did to the shifter you may be interested in is shortened it slightly by cutting the thread at the top. the c,s assembly raises the gearknob by about 10mm which i didnt like. if you have a factory s15 knob it leaves a bit of a gap.

    i cut about 7mm off it and its suprising how much shorter it looks with the gearknob on. much more like the factory knob height.

    what i did was took the knob off and screwed a nut down the thread as far as it went and then cut the thread with a hacksaw on top of the nut. this way when its cut you can unscrew the nut which cleans the thread. i did this without removing the shifter from the car (just carefully + put towels over everything).

    if your interested in doing this (well worth it IMO) you local Autobarn sells nuts with the right thread. (champion hex nuts BF81 1/2" UNF) a pack costs like $4


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    S15R Guest
    lol height i was thinking of getting a dildo stick

    btw what did you use to cut the thread bit off?

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    KSW Guest
    just a small hacksaw. cost like $5 from bunnings.
    its pretty hard steel - probably high tensile , but only took like 5 mins to cut.

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