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    another bit is loom in drivers front arch, this made me problems with my indicators

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    Quote Originally Posted by y2kfarrell View Post
    I to would second the Hazard Light Switch.
    If you have a multimeter check it for continuity to make sure the switch itself aint broke.
    as for the "the window was working.. with no keys / power or turbo timer in"
    Thats not right who installed your alarm they could have spliced the wrong cables bridging a 12v constant.
    This is why forums are so good....a thread from 10 years ago, helped me today with the same issue. Turned out that I had forgotten to connect my hazard switch, as I'm near the end of a DIY body restoration project on my S15.

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    The Never ending Indicator problem!
    I got a similar issue if anyone can shed any light on it would be grateful.

    My indicators stopped working a few weeks ago, but my hazards were working.

    The next day I took the plastic around the steering column off and like magic the indicators started working again.

    Haven't driven the car since because of work stuff, but took it out yesterday and the indicators stopped working while I was driving. But the hazards still work.

    Changed the stalk this morning and no joy.

    Could it be the flasher unit? I thought it was combined with the hazards so if one didn't work nor did the other?


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