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    Wires that turns lights on when I open the car.

    I would like to know where the wire is that lights the interior light on when I enter the car.
    Also when I turn off the car it remains for 30 sec. and 30 sec after I close the door.
    I think it's one of those blue neon that comes as factory option.
    I have simliar one but it's done manually so i want to change it to factory-like.

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    When interior room lamp switch is in the ?DOOR? position, the unified meter control unit (time control system)
    keeps the interior room lamp illuminated for about 20 seconds when:
    * unlock signal is supplied from door unlock sensor while all doors are closed and key is out of ignition key
    * key is withdrawn from ignition key cylinder while all doors are closed
    * driver?s door is opened and then closed while key is out of the ignition key cylinder. (However, if the driver?s
    door is closed with the key inserted in the ignition key cylinder after the driver?s door is opened with
    the key withdrawn, the timer is operated.)
    The timer is canceled when:
    * driver?s door is locked,
    * driver?s door is opened, or
    ignition switch is turned ON.
    When driver?s door is locked, interior room lamp timer is canceled as described before.

    Wiring diagram and details are on pages EL-49 onwards of the manual. Location of the Unified Meter Control is on EL-61. Basically it forms part of the Combination Meter (dash gauge pod).

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