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    Project S15 Guest

    Apexi PFC vs Greddy E-Manage

    Hi fellas, I am thinking about replacing or giving a piggyback to my ECU.
    I am considering two of above options but I cant decide.
    I am sort of going for E-Manage because I like the idea of using the standard ECU and also its more affordable and it can support up to quite a high horse power.
    Is E-Manage Harder or easier to mod compared with PFC?

    any good or bad opinions abt these two would be appriciated.

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    S15R Guest
    i will pick e-manage

    trust d1 s15 is using e-manage and using stock ecu(clever) :d and its as good as power fc

    well any kind of ecu or sub ecu are much the same, but you need to get something that in christchurch someone can tune it for you

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    Nov 2005
    Stockholm, Sweden
    I'm also considering these different solutions.
    A would like the Apexi but the e-manage is so much cheaper.

    I'm just after fixing my fuel and ignition timing to up the boost a bit.
    So I don't think the Apexi is worth the extra dough. Or am I wrong??
    Nissan GTR -09 Now with Cobb accessport stage 2

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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    Although I have an Emanage, I'd say if you could afford it, go for the PFC. The PFC allows much greater control of the engine management.

    Due to the nature of the Emanage, it is a compromise. The original ECU settings are unchanged. The Emanage intercepts the signals sent out and changes them before they get to the engine.

    The PFC alters its settings directly in its ECU. This allow far greater fine tuning.

    Saying that, I'm more than happy with my Emanage.

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    Albert Guest
    Apexi Power FC

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    S15R Guest
    depends where you live

    like is chch nz not many can tune HKS F-CON V Pro
    e-manage or power fc is probably better for you tommy

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    Meddy Guest
    Go for the PFC as has been said the Emanage is just a compromise. Cheaper yes but for good reason. The PFC is also a lot easier to initialise and set up than the FCon unit. As has been said though it very much depends on what your local tuners are familiar with using.

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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    A large number of places can map the Emanage and PFC (including yourself). The F-Cons requires specialised equipment.

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    S15R Guest
    well im too dumb and scared, i wont tune my own car otherwise i Blow it!

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    Project S15 Guest
    sweet. thanks for your comments

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