Hello and welcome to another new Tutorial!

This can only be done in the Jap Spec S15's, ADM ones may share bulbs, and process to remove is similar, so you can follow along too with discretion.

For this tutorial, all you will need it a few Phillips head Screw Drivers and the appropriate LED's.
The LED's used include T4.2 LED's, but there are 2 different sizes for the Jap Climate Control buttons and Display Panel. (Currently, am unable to confirm the size of the Display Pannel LED's, So please let me know if you know what size they are so i can update here)
As i was not sure of the size for the smaller LED's, i simply used the old LED holder which was inside the unit, and removed the old bulb, and inserted the new one, and made it a bit smaller by filing and sanding it down (Do this at your own discretion. I am not responsible for any damage caused to any of your equipment if you do this wrong)

Once everything is ready, we can start with the tutorial!

You will need to remove the unit from the center console. To do this, start by removing the shift knob, followed by the Shift Boot.
Underneath you will find some screws towards the top part, undo these and gently begin prying at the sides of the center console, and with a bit of effort it should come out.
Now you should see the screws holding the console in place, there will be 4 screws similar to those that were under the shift boot. Undo these, and the unit should slide out.
Remove the clips from the back making sure not to rip the cables out of the clips. Now the unit should be free.

Take your unit to a work bench for the next step!

You will be able to see 4 screws (for the jap spec one, ADM may be different) behind the face of the unit, there are another 2 screwed into the green PCB board, do not remove those 2. Remove the 4 screws behind the face plate.
Then you will see clips holding the 2 pieces together, there should be 3 clips on one side and 2 on the other.
Gently release the clips with a tool of some sort, and the 2 pieces should come apart. DO NOT PULL TOO HARD AS THERE IS A CABLE HOLDING IT TOGETHER
You should now be able to see 3 white colored LED holders and 2 black ones. From here simply swap them over. (in my case, as stated above, i had to modify the black ones because i do not know the size, so please let me know if you know. Thanks!)
Polarity does matter, so from here you will need to put the unit back together, and test, if some of them light up and some don't, simply pull the unit apart again, and change the orientation of the ones which do not work, by reversing the polarity, they should now light up!
Install the unit back in, and admire your work!