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    Power Window getting stuck?

    Hi guys, I've just started having a problem with my S15's passenger-side power window and wondered if anyone knew what the cause might be.

    The switch works fine and the window goes down no problem. However, when I try raising the window again it stops short, leaving about a 2cm gap between the top of the window and the seals. The window goes down slightly slower than my driver's side one so I'm not sure if it's the motor dying.

    If I have the door open, the window goes up fully but if the door is closed it won't (unless I pull the glass up slightly as the window is raising). I've checked around the window for anything that might be blocking it but can't see anything.

    It's not a massive problem as I can close the window by doing it with the door open but obviously it's pretty annoying. Is it likely to be the motor wearing out or something else?


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    Might be something to do with the mechanism. I'd try and open it up to have a look!

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    It probably needs adjusting on the window regulator. Take the door card off and have a look!

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