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    Nissan S15 Spec R, Blue, very low mileage

    Nissan S15 Spec R, Blue, very low mileage

    2000 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R
    Metallic Blue
    46792 Miles, will rise as I use it daily
    MOT Sept 2017
    Thatcham approved alarm and immobiliser
    Underneath is undersealed

    BLITZ Sonic Power Air Induction kit
    HKS Oil Filter
    Oil change
    Spark plug change
    Nismo exhaust
    Decat (still have original cat)
    Japspeed radiator hoses (not installed)
    HKS Turbo Timer
    BLITZ Aftermarket gauges

    Nismo suspension
    OZ Racing 17 wheels with all four tyres on between 4-5mm

    Aero rear bumper spats
    Aero side skirts
    Boot debadged
    Nismo ducktail spoiler
    DMAX LED Rear lights

    Upgraded speakers in parcel shelf
    Sony head unit radio/cd/aux/bluetooth
    BLITZ Oil temp, Oil pressue, water temp gauges

    Bought this car from DCY Europe back in November 2016, I am the first owner. I had them underseal and install the alarm/immobiliser on the car before I drove it.

    Since owning the car I haven't done much, changed oil and filter, changed spark plugs, put a decat on the car (still have the normal cat in the boot) , changed the OEM lights for DMAX LED ones and changed head unit to a Sony one. First thing I did upon getting it into my place of work was sort the alignment out as the toe and camber was miles out and the car felt terrible to drive.
    Car drives great, boosts fine, no issues with the engine whatsoever.

    Bad points
    There is a chip on the bonnet that is quite large where something must have fell on it which has taken quite a bit of lacquer off
    Aftermarket gauges seem to work on and off which I haven't got round to looking at, Oil temp one seems to work fine

    I have probably forgotten a few bits and bobs so feel free to contact me with any questions


    12000 without DMAX lights and Sony head unit

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    This still available? Cheers

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