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    Want to swap my stock helical diff for a decent 1.5 way diff.

    I am thinking about swapping my stock diff for a 1.5way diff. So basically I would like to just swap diff casings over, no splitting cases etc etc just undo then bolt up. I work at a garage as a mechanic so therefore we can have the cars on the ramps side by side and do it in no time.
    My cars done 107000 kilometres, and the diff is perfect, I changed the oil 2k ago, the original oil in there was clean too.
    The beauty about doing this is we can drive the cars first to make sure the diffs are good etc.
    Anybody who's interested drop me a pm and then we can talk more. I'm based in Chippenham Wiltshire.
    Thanks Sam

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    I wish it was a 2way you had and wanted to swap for a Helical, id be all over this!!

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