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    Sturge Guest

    Skyline powered 200sx

    Satin Black RB25det S13 Sileighty

    Engine Is from an R33 GTS auto, it has:
    Mahle oversized forged pistons, on std rods.
    ACL Race bearings big end and mains.
    Cometic metal head gasket
    New water pump and cambelt etc
    Oil pump stripped cleaned examined and rebuilt
    GTR clutch and Flywheel
    GTR Radiator

    GTR front brakes.
    GTR master cyliner
    Braided brake hoses
    Red stuff pads
    17"rota Boosts R888 tyres on front and nankangs on the rear
    Apex gen2 coilovers
    HKS hi power silent exhaust (its either 3" or slightly bigger) Passed Castle coombe noise testing.
    S13 VLSD (have a welder i can include in the sale)
    Have a brand new PS13 chargespeed bumper i can include in the sale (looks better that the one fitted at mo) cost me 350!

    Rear over fenders bolted on, Old arches cut out, welded up then fibreglassed over to be completely water tight

    Walbro fuel pump and a rising rate fuel pressure reg,
    300zx TT fuel filter, fuel feed replaced with braided fuel line.

    Still has ABS (relocated to where the battery used to be.)

    Battery in boot (huge chunky truck battery ) - brand new from vauxhall main dealer

    Rev counter is working and is spot on,
    Still has full interior (really comfy and quiet) except:
    Has a harness and boost guage and OMP deep dish wheel with removeable boss

    180sx rear bumper.
    ARC skyline Front mount intercooler (dyno proven to 490bhp)

    With airfilter, exhaust, front mount and fuel pump/FPR it has a dyno prven 300bhp

    This engine can do so much more just needs a remap and a set of injectors.

    I have got a complete T70 top mount turbo setup for this that im not sure if i wanna sell yet or not, had it all fitted and pipewprk made then removed as lack of engine management for it and didnt wanna do any damage.

    Can be an excellent drfit car, done one DWYB day at landow. Also can be a excellent track car, it gripped really well at japfest - castlecoombe.

    This has been my daily since i got it a couple years ago. fitted the engine etc myself when i worked at a tuning company.

    currently registered in Guernsey. Will need to be re-registered in uk i maybe able to do this if i can save up for a ferry and contact the DVLA will need to look into it as iv not done it before.

    Bad points:
    Lifters are slightly noisey, have a spare set that i was gonna get stripped and cleaned and rebuilt.
    Few scratches on inside of windscreen, there when i bought the car, never got round to replacing it as you look passed it and forget about it
    When you start it from warm it hunts a little, if you keep your foot on the throttle it settles down and purrs like a kitten, Idle control valve will just need a clean
    think thats it
    few pics....

    chargespeed bumper:

    Reason for sale is I want An S15 Spec S so if you have one and want to swap drop me a PM

    Cash sale 5000 Please
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    Oct 2009
    East Kent
    i have a spec r up for sale and id be up for a px if your interested?

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    Sturge Guest
    how much cash would you want as im skint at the mo but maybe able to tap someone up for some lol

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    Oct 2009
    East Kent
    id be after 5K my way

    the graphics are off now and it looks a lot neater

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    Sturge Guest
    Its a lovely looking car, and I remember seeing it up for sale a few weeks ago.

    Its exactly what i want, right colour and everything unfortunately if I could russel up 5k then I'd buy a spec S and then try selling this on, bit too far out of my price range im afraid.

    Good luck with the sale tho mate! - really nice car

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    Sturge Guest
    Please someone buy this so i can get a spec s

    Or swap it for a spec s

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    S15SPEC-R Guest

    Still for sale?

    Hi mate,

    Still no reasonable offers on your car?
    I could sell you mine for 5000 if you can get the money.

    I hope you can raise the money soon, i am sure you won't be dissappointed when you see mine. Looks pretty tight.

    Good luck with the sale!


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    Sturge Guest
    No interest really, had a few offers for swaps on an ae86 and an RX7 but No cash offered and no spec s' so i might just keep it if i cant sell, I do love it and only want to sell it so i can get an s15 and chuck loadsa money at that,

    I been offered an auto spec s for 3.5k but i dont have any cash and wont let mine go for that low money wise! if i cud get 4500 for mine id buy the auto and opefully have enough money left for getting some manual conversion bits

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