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    djmasterg Guest

    spec r 6spd gearbox


    I am looking for a gearbox in good condition (no noises on bearings). If anybody has one please let me know.


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    saqi Guest
    what will you offer me for a 6 speed, rebuilt gearbox... done no miles since rebuild

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    Greg - have you seen sx-si is selling his in the For Sale section

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    K-Sport Germany Guest
    Hello! I have a 6-speed gearbox from my S15 spec R for sale. It has done 58000km. I'm doing a V8 conversion, so I sell the gearbox, engine, ecu, HKS exhaust and other engine components. Everything is in perfect condition.

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    SX2002 Guest
    Don't limit your self to asking for a Spec R box...they're all the same, Spec S, Spec R...

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    craig8585 is offline I'm so cool, I have my own fan thread :p
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    Erm.. apart from the amount of gears they have!

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    SX2002 Guest
    Funny, I thought ALL 6 speed boxes have 6 speeds...I don't know about other countries, but here in Australia every model was turbocharged and came with either a four speed auto the 6 speed manual...

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    djmasterg Guest

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but :

    Spec S in Australia had 6 speed gearbox and came wiht turbo charger, that is why user SX2002 didn't see the difference between spec r and spec s.
    To K-Sport Germany: I just want this exhasut and diff, so we leave gearbox for later,


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    SX2002 Guest
    All models here in Aus, "S", "R" and "GT" came with turbos and 6 speed...other than those with autos. There were no none turbo models delivered and sold here at all. The only difference between them was the trim levels, sky lights, spoilers, side skirts, etc.
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    djmasterg Guest
    That is why craig8585 said about amount of gears - in UK we know the spec S as a non-turbo 5 speed or auto, and a spec R as a turbo with 6 speed gearbox. hope that will clear things up.


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