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    Breaking a 2000 reg black s14 a uk spec.

    Breaking a 2000 reg black s14 a uk spec.
    Reason for breaking is because i have now bought an s15 :

    Engine 120k Powerfull good compresion pulled very strong. 550 whole engine excluding exhaust mani and turbo
    (AC pump and power steering pump 30 each - if not sold with engine)
    Gear box 200
    T28 standard turbo SOLD
    gt28R SOLD
    aluminium radiator SOLD
    purple painted rocker cover SOLD
    HIT conversion kit SOLD
    Differential 150
    Engine loom 40
    Engine ECU 60
    Coil packs 90
    Induction kit 20
    Front subframe 40
    Rear subframe 40
    Prop shaft 50
    Down pipe brand new s14 100
    Turbo elbow jap speed 20
    S14a front lights pair 50
    Painted black s14a rear lights 40
    Front leather seats 50 pair (each 25)
    Rear leather seats 20
    Rear backboard leather 15
    Vented s14a bonnet 150
    Strut brace 40
    5 stud conversion 100
    Standard suspension 150
    Front bumper 40
    Rear bumper 40
    Snap steering wheel plus boss 100
    Exhaust catback 50
    Decat pipe 15
    Dash 40
    Gear knob 10
    Blitz dual spec b boost controller 150
    Boost guage 20
    AC rad FREE
    C west sideskirts REAL not fake 50
    Bonnet vent 40
    Standard skirts 20
    Break booster 30
    ABS module 20
    Pedal box 30
    Clutch slave 10
    Front window - glass 20 each
    Rear window - glass 20 each
    Front window - glass 60
    Rear window - glass 60
    Carpet 10
    Fuel pump standard 15

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    How much for the ac rad and to post it to Ireland ?
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    how much for front spiltter also posted to ireland??along with headlights??

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