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    Chris S15 Guest

    Standard S15 JDM Gearknob!

    anyone have one????

    pref syd, australia.



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    S15R Guest
    so whats the different between adm and jdm gearknob?

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    Chris S15 Guest
    not sure really, but since i got a JDM, might as well..but..if there is no difference at all. then adm is fine.

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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    I got an ADM replacement and it looked the same as the JDM one.

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    Snoozr Guest
    hey chris, i didnt know you had a jdm

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    Snoozr Guest
    thought u were someone else sorry

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    Chris S15 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Snoozr
    thought u were someone else sorry

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    Feb 2006
    Ive got one from my old S15 specR if your intereted??? If you want pics let me know....

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    Chris S15 Guest
    Oh yeah! definately interested!

    pm sent.

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