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    JenE Guest

    Factory Pop Up LCD screen from S15

    I have seen a picture of an S15 with a factory option'd pop up LCD that comes up out of the dash above the 3 centre air vents.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    I spied it on a Jap spec pictured in an Australian High Perfermance magazine and really want one. I would imagine it would require buying the whole top crash pad part of the dash, but I have no clue where to start looking as I can't find anyone that's even seen heard of it!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, (I'll try to scan in the photo if that helps)!

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    They were a JDM option. A few people on here have got them.

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    S15R Guest
    ya need the whole dash lol and the screen only for cd player and GPS(Jap system) which will not work in Australia

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    paulphot Guest
    I reakon it would be possible to get one fabricated, I remember seeing a 300ZX show car with a hydraulic lift in the bach which raised his amps and subs and stuff so he could access the roof panels. All you would need is a thin TFT screen and you could customise it to show whatever you wanted.

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