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    nissan s14 s15 clear out // brakes rear 350z

    i have some parts thant i dont need most of them i have it as spare now i want to clear garage space

    for rb25 r33 series gtst model

    -radiator rb25 r33 very liltle use no name in great condition
    -granted hks original japan 100p
    -sterring colonum rb25 r33 gtst 80p
    -cams oem rb25 r33 gtst 80p
    -mount transmition rb25 oem gtst r33 30p
    -front control arms s14 oem 80p 2 rigth 1 left damage
    -front suframe with strerring rack rb25 gtst r33 200p
    -rear sterring rack rb25 r33 gtst 100p
    -rear surframe rb25 r33 gtst 80p
    -intake rb25 r33 +exaust +donw pipe + throlle doby 120p
    -imnjectors rb25 r33 i think is 370cc x6 gtst 60p
    -brakes front skyline 300x30 rotors 250p
    -catalit +throlle both 150p
    -intecooler rb25 r33 oem 50p
    -radiator water + fan rb25 r33 oem 50p
    -radiator a/c rb25 r33 oem 40p
    -crack pulley rb25 r33 oem in great condition 100p

    for s15
    -sterring colonumm s15 80p
    -rear control arms s15 oem 80p
    -front sugrame s15 200p
    -intake s15 with sensor ( not saw in pic ) 120p
    -injectors s15 480cc 150p
    -exaust s15 with donw pipe 70p
    -s15 brakes rear rotor plus plates with oem calipers with pads 100p

    for 350z
    -front rotors 350z slotted and drilled in great condition like new 150p
    -rear calipers with good pads 300p

    for 14
    -propshaft 2 piece with new bearing s14 200p
    -injectors s14 i think is 370cc 70p
    -intercooler s14 oem 30p

    more parts you buy i make discound in prices
    pics on request with whats up
    all prices is plus paypal fee and ship
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    i need clear space

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