Right very reluctant sale, as really want to fit this to my s15 but strapped for cash and need the money for other things and events.

Only want to sell as a complete package and would only consider splitting if I get a lot of interest in all the parts and it all sells.
However already have a buyer for the gearbox.

This kit is ready to bolt on and package consists of:

R33 GTST gearbox no wines or crunches with shifter, master cylinder & loom.

Cut and balanced r33 prop.

Brand new XTD double diaphragm clutch kit and matching lightweight flywheel rated for 500bhp

DIPSTICK garage SR20-RB gearbox conversion plate.

Price for the job lot is: 1450

Can even throw 4 litres of red line heavy shockproof oil for an extra 50.

Prefer collection, but can arrange a pallet delivery for extra cost.

Please PM me for more. Cheers.

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