S15 Helical limited slip diff (LSD) for sale already fitted with S14 nose in casing

S15 LSD in casing with S14 nose built up

Standard S15 LSD (Helical)..with S15 half shafts included. Will require S15 driveshafts or JDM S14 auto (or similar with 3 lots of 2xbolts rather than the larger standard 4 x single bolts).

offers on a post card.

Great working condition. Just upgraded to a superlocker!

400 collected, Cambridge area. Postage on top.

Basically guys it's an S15 Helical diff in an S15 casing but the flange for the prop has been changed to accept the S14 prop so basically is a direct fit into an S14/a. No importing one from Japan, no having to find half shafts, no having to get someone to build one up onto your casing, no having to block off the oil cooler pipework. This is ready to drop in.
Incs speed sensor