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  1. WTB: S15 auto/spec s n/a or any rolling shell
  2. FS: SARD 850cc injectors for sale and Circuit Sports Rail
  3. FS: Breaking S15 Spec R
  4. FS: S15 Suspension Parts
  5. FS: my partners r33 gts-t
  6. WTB: Headlight cluster **urgent**
  7. WTB: WANTED S15 Spec-R Aero Spoiler
  8. WTB: 18" Dished Wheels
  9. WTB: Standard S15 (444) injectors
  10. WTB: Radiator Support/Bonnet Catch Panel
  11. WTB: Std Exhaust - Cat Back
  12. FS: rear lights clear
  13. WTB: Wanted - boot lip and window spoiler s15
  14. FS: Tein Well Balance Master Type NA - S14/S15
  15. FS: work anhelo's rare as rare can be. take 2
  16. WTB: aero palace bumper and companys in the uk that sell loads of s15 bits!
  17. FS: Work Emotion XT-7 17x9 and 17x7 - NEED TO SELL!
  18. WTB: Need some bodyparts
  19. WTB: Bonnet needed with hinges
  20. FS: Nolathane Coilovers and Cusco Camber Tops
  21. WTB: map light unit
  22. WTB: S15 standard OEM Diff
  23. WTB: Apexi avcr boost controller wanted
  24. FS: 4x Brand new Nismo 740cc injectors
  25. FS: Brand new and packaged HKS ssqv return kit
  26. WTB: Standard S15 spec-r engine/ecu wiring loom
  27. FS: 4x Genuin Nissan 16" alloys for sale
  28. FS: S15 standard front seats
  29. FS: Huge Intercooler Kit
  30. FS: Brand New J Performance SR20DET Screamer Pipe
  31. WTB: part wanded
  32. WTB: S15 OEM intercooler (SMIC)
  33. WTB: s15 dashboard
  34. WTB: s15 Air Conditioning Radiator & Fan blade cover
  35. FS: for sale veilside 18inch
  36. FS: Driftworks Carbon Fibre Spoiler (BGW)
  37. FS: Fible glass spoiler
  38. WTB: interested in used oem shift knob
  39. WTB: 1.5 way lsd
  40. WTB: MAF
  41. FS: S15 6-Speed Gearbox Conversion
  42. WTB: WANTED: s15 JDM aero bar in Brisbane
  43. WTB: s breaker
  44. WTB: Front bumper please
  45. FS: my pewter s15 up for grabs!
  46. FS: Standard S15 space-saver spare wheel
  47. WTB: mint non areo front bumper please
  48. FS: GReddy Intake Manifold - S14
  49. WTB: Nismo low temperature thermostat
  50. WTB: S15 headlights
  51. FS: s15 spec r manual ecu
  52. FS: apexi power fc s15 spec r
  53. WTB: s15 Undertray
  54. FS: S15 Spec R Parts, Driver side headlight, passenger door glass, passenger door card
  55. WTB: Wheel spacers 20mm
  56. WTB: S15 complete Aero kit inclusive spoiler and rear spats
  57. WTB: "Front Bumper Bar?" and bumper brackets
  58. WTB: Boost controller
  59. FS: S15 Power FC D Jetro
  60. FS: my wheels for sale thread
  61. WTB: I need some front end parts!
  62. WTB: parts wanted...
  63. WTB: Decat?
  64. WTB: Looking for a front suspension bolt
  65. FS: S15 Standard Brakes ie. front and rear complete, BMC, Standard lines, Handbrake cable
  66. FS: (sr20det)exedy twin plate 5-speed box.. hks twin plate 6-speed box
  67. FS: BMW E36 bits for FREE!!!
  68. FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Driver side front wing in blue for sale!
  69. WTB: WANTED: drivers mirror, drivers door handle and fuel flap!
  70. WTB: S15 Bonnet, front bumper, side skirts
  71. WTB: Drivers door card
  72. FS: Nismo ducktail spoiler
  73. WTB: alloys wanted
  74. FS: Silvia S15 Passenger door and passenger wing.
  75. WTB: S15 Spec R ARBs
  76. WTB: Coilpack + coilpack harness
  77. WTB: S15 Aero Front Bumper ASAP
  78. WTB: 15 dash
  79. WTB: s15 bits
  80. WTB: Aero front bumper and Aero rear spats!
  81. WTB: WTB: 1999-2000 Nissan S15 Spec-R Aero
  82. WTB: OEM metal bonnet.
  83. FS: S15 driverside headlight
  84. FS: S15 Front Wings
  85. WTB: Fmic/kit
  86. FS: S15 Spec R Parts List (Take2)
  87. FS: lots of parts :) need money to finish my s15
  88. WTB: Work Meister S1 3PC -wheels
  89. WTB: Front Coilovers needed!
  90. FS: Os giken 5speed close ratio gearbox
  91. FS: Walbro 255 ltr/hr fuel pump
  92. FS: S15 OEM rear lights for sale not mine
  93. FS: HKS EVC 6 boost controller - brand new
  94. WTB: Wanted turbo t28r
  95. FS: all my wheels for sale
  96. WTB: Need HELP with my lovely Nissan
  97. WTB: need a 6 speed box for my mates drift car
  98. WTB: oem stereo cage
  99. WTB: S15 Bits N Bobs
  100. FS: SR20DET Rocker Cover
  101. WTB: s15 pillar
  102. WTB: Drivers A-pillar interior and exterior trim
  103. WTB: s15 spec s or spec r wanted
  104. WTB: Interior air vent
  105. FS: WTS: HKS BOV SSQV III, cf canard, gt wing, Cusco coilover zero2r etc.
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  107. WTB: Bonnet and Bumper
  108. FS: Aluminium subframe bushes - unused
  109. FS: K Sport 8 pots 330mm discs
  110. WTB: Black Rear Bar
  111. FS: BREMBO calipers.
  112. FS: Pewter boot with aero spoiler
  113. WTB: AERO front bumper + Bonnet....
  114. FS: AUS ONLY - Cooling Panels - CLOSED
  115. WTB: Wheel arch liners p.s and d.s
  116. FS: Spec r body parts for sale
  117. FS: s15 spoiler
  118. WTB: WTD: HKS Silent Hi-Power - 31019-AN017
  119. FS: ORC Race clutch for sale
  120. FS: sx-si's bargain thread
  121. WTB: Socal: Wanted OEM S15 Front bumper! Willing to Pick up or pay for shipping
  122. WTB: Std set of S15 coilpacks
  123. WTB: S15 Coil Packs
  124. WTB: Pair of std front wings
  125. WTB: defi sandwich plate
  126. WTB: c-west eyeline's
  127. FS: s15 ep racing carbon stereo surround
  128. FS: Radiator (Stock)
  129. WTB: URGENT - standard coilpack
  130. FS: work 'skid rims', work nuts, spacers cheap!
  131. FS: Nismo S tunes
  132. FS: S15 Parts - Brisbane
  133. FS: S15 A/C Pump / Compressor.
  134. FS: S15 Pewter Grey Bonnet
  135. FS: White Rota GTR drift series, as new condition
  136. FS: 'Faulty' Carbon Kevlar cooling panel.
  137. FS: for sale oem rear wing
  138. WTB: pair of standard front wings!
  139. FS: Driver Side Front Wing And Side Skirt In Blue
  140. FS: wheels and spolier 160 !!!
  141. FS: Stock Clearout, Various Oils, Silkolene, Motul & Amsoil
  142. WTB: S15 boot and other body panels
  143. WTB: Passenger arch liner and sump tray
  144. WTB: unused/salvaged s15?
  145. FS: FS: Greddy Profec B, S15 S-Tune, Greddy Gauges [With Pics]
  146. FS: FS: Gewalt Racing Evolution 17" 2 Pc Alloys/Tyres Need Refurb [200]
  147. FS: Wings, skirts, bonnet, cooling panel, rear lights
  148. FS: 'S15 OMG' - Reg plate
  149. WTB: Migrant from the SXOC in need of an S15 helical LSD
  150. FS: SR20 HKS T4 Manifold, RB26 HKS T51 Fitting Kit, S15 Spec R Wing
  151. WTB: S15 rear spats
  152. WTB: Nismo Power Brace II
  153. WTB: windscreen s15
  154. WTB: Passenger Door Needed
  155. WTB: Long Shot - S15 Speedo Custer
  156. FS: S15 Stainless Decat pipe
  157. FS: OEM Front Brake Calipers
  158. WTB: S15 Headlights needed
  159. WTB: Aftermarket ecu
  160. WTB: s15 hotpipe
  161. WTB: spec r badges, and anodised nuts for the engine bay?
  162. FS: cosworth MLS head gasket
  163. FS: Bride Digo Type R Reclining Seat
  164. FS: Brand new aftermarket parts
  165. FS: Tein Strut Brace - MINT!!
  166. FS: SSR Professors 17x8 & 17x9
  167. FS: S15 Cream Leather Not mine
  168. WTB: Engine bay chrome dress up bits
  169. FS: S15 OEM Steering Wheel
  170. FS: Spec r 6 speed gearbox for sale
  171. WTB: Wanted: Coilovers s15 *IRELAND*
  172. WTB: Osr tail light
  173. FS: H&R 10mm Hubcentric Spacers (Nissan Fitment)
  174. WTB: set of s15 floor mats!!
  175. WTB: Need a Windshield washer tank mount
  176. WTB: S15 Silvia
  177. FS: Front SRB power 25mm fenders
  178. FS: JDM sr20det LOW MILLAGE
  179. WTB: doors wind deflectors
  180. FS: 2 x s15 spec-r rear spoliers and front bumper......!!
  181. FS: S15 spec-r leather interior...offers....!!
  182. FS: AVS Model 5 17 8J ET30 114.3 Very rare!!!!!
  183. WTB: Apex'i alluminuim induction box
  184. WTB: 30mm to 50mm front wings and overfenders wanted "ireland"
  185. FS: Private registration "S15 FTW"
  186. WTB: WTB: S15 front and/or rear seats
  187. FS: 17 ssr professors...black centre dished...!!!
  188. FS: wings and subframe
  189. FS: headlights perfect condition
  190. WTB: Long shot but here goes: recaro pro racer seat
  191. WTB: Wide BodyKit for IchiGo
  192. FS: Origin style LED tail lights
  193. FS: S15 passenger door (grey)
  194. FS: Quality 20mm Hubcentric Spacers
  195. FS: My Roll Cage!
  196. WTB: S15 Coilovers
  197. WTB: standard s15 bonnet
  198. FS: KSport 8-Pots 330mm Front Brake Setup
  199. FS: 4 defi guages and controller2 unit
  200. FS: Pink silicone hose bits, brand new, not used
  201. FS: Few remaining bits...
  202. WTB: Center console / armrest cover
  203. FS: Carbon fibre garage defend replica for sale
  204. FS: Gloss black intake plenum
  205. FS: BRAND NEW! HKS step 3 Cams! Suite SR20det vct
  206. WTB: Genuine bonnet S badge
  207. WTB: S15 Instrument Cluster
  208. WTB: defi link control unit 2
  209. FS: new stuff for sale
  210. FS: RAYS Gram Lights 57S wheels 4x114.3 16"
  211. FS: last few bits left for sale
  212. WTB: Work Emotion CR Kai
  213. FS: black cobra Monaco pro new FIA approved in date
  214. FS: Works s1 alloy wheel set
  215. WTB: S15 turbo engine and 6 speed box
  216. FS: 290mm grooved rear brake setup
  217. FS: Brand new Powertune manifold
  218. FS: Sr20det tomei con rods and acl forged pistons
  219. FS: Fc Commander, Carbon surround, spacers and lights....
  220. WTB: Coin Compartment Lid
  221. FS: sytec fuel pump
  222. FS: Standard S15 coil packs for sale
  223. FS: S15 Bonnet for sale
  224. FS: Depo Gauges Group Buy - 25% OFF RETAIL!!! - CLOSED on Tuesday 7th Dec
  225. FS: bits for sale, harnesses, carbon bonnet, bodykit etc
  226. FS: z32 tt handbrake assembly (no calipers)
  227. FS: S15 rocker cover
  228. FS: Professionally painted rocker cover
  229. FS: defi's, bonnet, wings, hks, lights,skirts etc
  230. FS: Hks evc 6 boost controller (only 6 months old)
  231. WTB: wanted s15 turbo
  232. FS: Pearl White S15 Folding mirrors
  233. WTB: DMAX Carbon Bonnet S15 / Drift Kit
  234. WTB: S15 Spec R ECU
  235. WTB: s15 passenger front light wanted
  236. WTB: NA s15 sr20de
  237. FS: RARE BRAND NEW S15 Factory Options: S15 Parking Pole and S15 Mirror Visors
  238. FS: S15 Spec R Driveshafts
  239. FS: Few parts left over to sell,fenders,stereo trim,coil packs
  240. FS: my monthly clear out
  241. FS: Blanking grommet for rear wiper removal
  242. FS: 3'' Samco intake pipe
  243. FS: Driftworks Polybushes
  244. WTB: Headlights or lens cover/front wings
  245. FS: Subframe locking collars
  246. WTB: S15 Fuse Box & Loom
  247. FS: Hohohoh - nismo stunes -hohoho
  248. FS: Ready to build Huge spec SR20 bottom end
  249. FS: Used S15 Nismo suspension for sale
  250. FS: Drivers doorcard