Welcome to the S15OC Forum. Please take note of the following.

S15OC.COM is a free site and is run by enthusiasts who are not paid to do so. Please respect the fact that the admin and moderators have a job to do.

Please read and take note of the following rules:

1. Images and Content - Do not post images or content that is not suitable for this site. There is no age restriction on this site, so please don't post material in the public areas which wouldn't be suitable for a pre 9pm TV audience, discusses illegal activities or is of a sensitive nature. This includes:
- Items of a graphical sexual or violent nature.
- Street racing, drifting on the public road or illegal cruises.
- The security aspects of vehicles including information about circumventing the alarm system and/or immobilisers,
- Taking of illegal substances,
- Theft of copyright material,
- Which car is faster threads (or versus threads)
Any threads or posts of this nature will be removed without explanation.

2. Swearing - Although there are swear filters, please do not excessively use derivatives or disguised swear words. The filters are there to filter this stuff out and are not an invitation to try and get around them.

3. Bullying - Most of us here are grown up enough to get on nicely with each other, but some like to make life difficult for others. This could be in the shape of prejudice or targeting a specific user or social group. S15OC.COM will not tolerate this.

4. Nonsense Posts - Please do not post for the sake of posting. People will enjoy a good joke, but a post with no meaning or interesting content is a waste of resources and other people's time. If you are unable to make coherent posts when under the influence, please leave it until you are fully in control of your faculties.

5. Moderation - If a post you have made has been moderated or deleted, please live with it. Moderators do not edit posts for the fun of it and do not have time to justify themselves. Abuse towards S15OC.COM's Admins will not be tolerated, this may result in your account being cancelled. If you have a serious enquiry about Forum Moderation please contact one of the four forum Admins. Please do not start a new thread/post asking why your previous thread/post was moderated as these will be deleted.

6. Signatures - People are here to see content not your signature. For this reason, please keep signature pictures to less than 30K file size and a physical size of 500x150. Text should be no more than 4 lines unless otherwise authorised. Do not use a font size larger than size 3. The signature may not contain advertising unless approved by the admin staff.

7. Please refrain from using Txt 5p33k or slang - We expect a good level of English to be used and posts to be clearly written. This includes using words like m8, wud, da, dat and sum1 etc. This is very much an international forum that has many users where English isn't their native language so please bear this in mind before posting. Any posts using an excessive amount of nonsense words will be deleted and the user given a warning. Any further excessive use will result in the user being subject to the forum disciplinary process.

8. Posting - Please use the Search facility before you post - The majority of questions have already been asked and answered many times. Please post any question in the correct forum and only once. Multiple similar posts will be deleted. There is also a 'Useful Threads' sticky listed at the top of every forum section. A large amount of information is listed in this, so please use it!

9. Thread Bumping - If you want to bump a for sale thread, make sure a 14 days have passed first. It is not acceptable to "bump" old posts in order to bring them to the top of the forum. This confuses users and brings up old views of people which they would prefer to be left in the past or facts that just are not relevant any more. If there is a genuine reason for bringing an old thread to the top then this is OK. Continued bumping of old posts will result in you being subject to the forum disciplinary process. This includes for sale threads. You do not need to bump a thread every day; once every 2 weeks (READ: 14 days) is usually sufficient.

10. Advertising Trade and the Sale of Multiple Items - Please do not advertise a company or service in your signature or posts. Please use the trade area for such activities. You will need to contact us to get access to post on trade forums.

11. Trade / Company accounts - If you represent a company or wish to become a trader on this forum be aware that this is a privately owned forum. It is requested that you ask the forum owner for permission to become a trader or a company representative on this forum. Until you are approved as a trader, you will not be able to post in the trader area. If you post in the for sale section as a trader, your threads will be deleted and you will receive an infraction. All trade threads must be made in the Traders section only, and there must be no 'poaching' for business on other's threads (with the exception of Wanted threads), though it is acceptable to PM someone. The business of your company should be inline with S15OC. ie, you will not get a trader title if you sell mobile phones.

12. Advertising of goods for sale - All items advertised for sale on S15OC must have a price attached to them in the initial post. The price should be displayed in the currency which the seller wishes to receive the payment. Failure to specify a price will result in removal of the thread. There will be some exceptions, such as car insurance.

These rules are subject to change without warning.